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9/25/08 04:56 pm - jeezy - picspam!!

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Collapse )

4/23/08 10:24 pm - mouthsopen

lol, this is our only ~*pure*~ community.

I am going to make a Jacob/Bella mix consisting of only The Mountain Goats. SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN.

3/20/08 12:26 am - mouthsopen

Man, I'm so excited for Passchendaele now because PAUL FUCKING GROSS IS WRITING, DIRECTING AND STARRING IN IT.

And there's Caroline Dhavernas.


12/18/07 05:35 pm - jeezy

the actress who plays eric's wife heidi is totally in the season 1 finale of dead like me!

12/12/07 08:38 pm - mouthsopen - DO I LOOK LIKE A OUIJA BOARD TO YOU?


you and chuck add up... TO ZERO

okay i totally knew emerson had a wife or something but i didn't expect he had a daughter!


12/8/07 04:12 pm - jeezy


I never knew why Jaye chose that name. Or who it was. And it does indeed have nineteen letters.

12/4/07 05:31 pm - mouthsopen

i hath edited the interests

12/3/07 06:56 pm - jeezy

1: Reliance destiny (Wax Lion)
2: Calamity Jaye (Pink Flamingos)
3: The Last Word (Karma Chameleon)
4: Crisis of Faith (Wound-Up Penguin)
5: Above the law (Crime Dog)
6: Employee of the Month (Muffin Buffalo)
7: Stars divested (Barrel Bear)
8: The Stories of love (Lovesick Ass)
9: A Matter of Survival (Safety Canary)
10: The Return of the bride (Lying Pig)
11: The nightmare continues (Cocktail Bunny)
12: Elected (Totem Mole)
13: It's just a goodbye (Caged Bird)

these are the french translations of the titles... idk.... i find them interesting

11/18/07 05:01 pm - jeezy

a) i read the book the cry of the owl aka this

i won't say anything about it, but lol.

b)bumper sticker


11/2/07 10:33 pm - jeezy

Surviving My Mother review. Not so good, but CD has a "redeeming" performance, they say. Yay?

also this is a link to my search of wonderfalls in the los angeles public library system.... there are three copies waiting in the palisades branch, which is right near my school. :O
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